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Value Chain (2006)

Textile Value Chain 2006

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Actors in each stage of the textile value chain are represented in North Carolina, from fiber through finished products into distribution and sales. North Carolina has a significant presence in several segments of the supply chain including yarn, woven and nonwoven fabric, and sock manufacturing. Many of the biggest players in these sectors are all either headquartered or have plants located in North Carolina including Parkdale Mills and Unifi in yarn, International Textile Group and Freudenberg in fabric, and Hanesbrands and Kayser-Roth in hosiery. North Carolina also has a strong supportive environment for the textile industry including: the College of Textiles and the Institute of Textile Technology located at NC State University, the Hosiery Technology Center and the Applied Textile Technology Center as part of the community college network, and several national professional organizations such as AATCC, [TC]2, INDA, and Cotton Inc.