Value Chain (2006)

Drugs & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Value Chainn 2006

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Broadly defined as a collection of tools and technologies that use living cells and their molecules to make products and solve systems, biotechnology as an industry has a wide range of applications. Since a majority of the work currently being done in North Carolina is based in the research, product development, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical applications, these areas are the focus of the value chain pictured above.

Biotechnology development is a costly and long-term process that involves ethical issues, government policy, complicated business development, investors, extended periods for development and testing, and typically large sums of money. A low cost of doing business, high quality of life, excellent universities, and long term commitment from public and private actors continue to make NC a global leader in biotechnology; especially with respect to discovery, product development, and manufacturing. Many companies choose to operate in NC because of its research university network, the workforce training the state offers, and the high concentration of Contract Research Organizations.